Thursday, June 25, 2009

Comeuppance, Thy Name is Car Bumper

It may come across as cruel, but this kid totally deserved the face full of Detroit steel he got. I'm not some cranky old man who tells the kids not to have any fun. They can smash all the mail boxes they want, just don't video tape it. Because, when you do, you know your friends will be obliged to put it on the web, and then we'll all have to make fun of you for being a giant douche.

In my day this event would have only spread, and rapidly at that, by word of mouth in school or over our land line phones. Now when you fall out of a car while trying to hit a kid on a bike with the door, everyone will see it on YouTube within an hour and a half. For example: At my senior prom, I sat at a table with a kid who took a javelin to the neck. I had heard the story a thousand times, hell, even David Letterman did a bit about it, but I didn't get to see his pain over and over again in video form. Although I really wanted to. Now a days, that would have been caught on two or three different camera phones and cut together Tarantino style for all to enjoy.

I guess what I'm saying is: these days, you can't avoid your mistakes... or breaking your face on a brown POS a few blocks from home.


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XL said...

That is hilarious...I wonder if his "buddies" went back to take him to the ER to get Granny's bumper removed from his face?