Friday, May 08, 2009

To Go Boldly

I'm not ashamed to admit it,I'm stoked to see Star Trek today. In fact I may bounce out of work early so I can see it before the kids get out of school. That way it'll be just me and the geeks. And I'm ok with that. The characters that will grace the big screen I see today have been a part of our collective consciousness since my father was in his early 20's. Through all that time, they have served as a subtle suggestion that we still had a very long way to go as a species.

The very fact that there was a black woman, a Russian and a Japanese man on the crew in leadership positions was a huge statement in the mid-60's. Since then, in all it's incarnations, Trek has pointed to a future where the human race is united in their desire to learn more about the universe of which we are such a small part. Frankly, I can't think of a better aspiration for our world either in the 60's when we were afraid of a new world war, or now when rogue elements in Pakistani could get a hold of nuclear weapons any day.

Maybe the Taliban is just upset that they've never had a representative among the crew of the Enterprise. I guess while Gene Roddenberry was working to put other castigated members of society on the ships in the past, he never got around to adding a few Moores, huh. While I'm relatively sure this slight is not the reason for their hatred of the west, it is a surprising omission on Roddenberry's part.

He was normally on the cutting edge when it came to telling stories that needed to be told. You can have your Star Wars, which is just a self contained story that doesn't rise to the level of self examination. I'll take the countless Trek story lines that dealt with everything from longstanding ethnic hatred, to the inequality of treatment suffered by minorities throughout time. They were all framed in the context of distant worlds, but it was never too hard to see what it was they were getting at.

So, it's for all those reasons that I'm going to cut out of work early today (what are they going to do, fire me again?) to go see the new Star Trek movie. And no matter how hard anyone may try, they aren't going to make me feel like a dork for it.

(I know the title of this post is not accurate when framed in the context of Star Trek, wherein is should be "To Boldly Go..." but if there's anything that I'm a bigger dork about than Star Trek, it's proper grammar. We all know you can't split an infinitive with an adverb...)

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Heidi Champa said...

While splitting infinitives is still not a commonly accepted practice, it is, sometimes, acceptable. It's called poetic license. Sometimes grammar can suck it. GEEK!!!