Sunday, May 10, 2009

Taking the Good with the Bad

I'm doing my best to not think about the fact that at this moment a year ago Inky and I were getting ready to leave for Oz. The fact that we're not going to heading back any time soon is very depressing.

I've tried just about everything to combat that depression over the last few days. First it was the Star Trek Movie (which was just as great as I hoped) then it was staying up late to watch the Cats with Inky. Yesterday we went down to Baltimore and hit up Baja Fresh before making stops in Fells Point and Little Italy, all of which would normaly pep me up. But it's not to be.

Even this new double digit solitaire score isn't getting it done. Normally a new third place score would be a great thing, but I made a big mistake toward the end which cost me a new gold. Rather than hitting 80 seconds or less, I ended up having to back track and I finished with a 8268 in 92 seconds.


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