Monday, May 11, 2009

Love Letters

No matter how hard I try, I will never be able to do enough to show Inky just how very much I love her. Would that I could, I'd catch a shooting star and give it to her. Or, at the very least, I'd kidnap Jimmy Bartel and take her to a hotel room where he was tied to the bed. You know, which ever would be easier to pull off. Absent of those Herculean and/or illegal tasks, the best I can do is spend an hour infront of the computer to give life to a fanciful joke made in a record store.

This weekend we went to Sound Garden in Baltimore where we spotted a rack filled with rock n roll stickers. Inky has a large collection of stickers of all varieties layered on her CD holder. So we stopped to look over the ones on offer to see if any would fit in with her famous collection. Of course some did. Among the stickers for sale was an AC/DC sticker, which prompted me to say "It would be cool if we could figure a way to change the D to an H" which would then spell out our initials, like you might see carved into a tree. AC+HC...

Later that night I jumped on the web and found an excellent AC/DC exemplar. I figured that all I needed to do was use the bottom of the "A" as both the top and bottom of the missing "H". So I flipped the image upside down and then pasted each of them into Microsoft paint. I cut the now inverted legs off of the A and then pasted it over the top of the right-side-up A but that didn't work. The shading was all wrong and the resulting letter was smaller than the A and two C's due to the fact that the bottom is the smaller part of the A.

To solve the shading I made a reverse of the upside down image so it read AC/DC but inverted, as opposed to CD/CA. To solve the height issue I cut the A high up on the cross and the pasted it higher on the existing A. This made an H that had proper shading and was the same size as the other letters. Even though the bar of the H is far too thick, it looks passable in the final product.

I know this already sounds like a lot of work, but I wasn't done yet. When I tried to put the H into the finished product, it wouldn't fit between the lightning bolt to the left and the C to the right. So I had to isolate the bolt and then shrink it to 75% of it's original size to make it fit. All told I spent about an hour jamming out to an iTunes playlist and mocking this thing up, but it was all worth it to see a big smile on my lady's face.

She's the best, and I love her more than I can ever say with an altered logo stolen from an Aussie hard rock band. But, I'll keep trying.


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princess1128 said...

Such a cool and devoted husband. Now all you need is a Xyron machine to make it into a sticker.