Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Night Baseball

Last year for my birthday, Inky and I were in Sydney, LA, Chicago and Philly. That's tough to top, but you have to try. So XL came to town today and the fun has begun in ernest. Tonight we went to Baltimore to see a baseball game, but we might as well have gone back in time to 1997. There was a buzz of excitement and hope among the 40,000 plus people at Camden Yards that has rarely been seen over the last 12 years, even on opening day.

Ostensibly, most of the people there were excited to see the major league debut of the O's top prospect, Matt Wieters. But it was all the other goings on that had me smiling. Another youngster (who's major league debut I saw in person last month) pitched 8 strong innings and our "old" guys were bashing the ball like the Cerrano of old. The pitcher was Brad Bergeson who went 8 innings plus a batter allowing two runs on 7 hits with no walks and 3 k's. That's a quality outing even when the bats aren't on fire, but they were.

The star of the game was Luke Scott who was 3-3 with 2 HR and 5 RBI including a grand slam that I made happen. As he came to the plate I turned to XL and said "I see a chest bump in our future" referring to our post home run celebration and I smelled salami, which was either a reference to the nickname salami, as in grand salami or a dick joke. It can be difficult to distinguish. But, Scott hit his granny and the O's stormed to victory.

For his part, Wieters went 0-4 with a strike out, but he played a pretty solid backstop and he will hid sooner or later. XL and I did some scouting on him (and fellow prospect Nolan Reimold, who also doubled in this game) last year at Bowie and we could tell then they were studs.

The next part of the multi city birthday blow out involves Easton PA, Hoboken NJ, Manhattan and Brooklyn as well as a ton of meat. But I'm getting ahead of myself.


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