Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Swift Kick in the Eggs

It's Easter Huh? I guess I must have missed all the build up to it. To say that I've fallen out of touch with my Christian upbringing would be huge understatement. Over the last few years the most Easterie thing I've done is eat some ham with a peep chaser. And that was at the peak of my enthusiasm. This year I actually found myself wondering if I would go straight to hell if I went to a tittie bar on Easter Sunday. That gives whole new meaning to "behold, he is risen." Yup, those hell fires are stoked for me.

Maybe it's just that I've become gradually more jaded; or maybe it's because I don't have kids to pass the pomp and circumstance of these holidays on to, but I'm just not buying. Literally. The two biggest holidays of the Christian calender are supposed to be about celebrating Jesus' birth and remembering the sacrifice made for all mankind in his death. That's what they are supposed to be. That's not what they are, at least for all but the most ardent followers. No, Christmas and Easter are all about commerce, and I suppose in this economy that's a good thing. If we don't buy chocolate bunnies and guitar hero than the terrorists win.

Some say that the material aspect of the big holidays is secondary to the real reason they enjoy it, namely, a reason to gather with the family. Again, I may be jaded, but I say if you need a special reason to go see your family, you probably didn't want to see them all that much to begin with. I can't tell you how many people I've talked to around the holidays who bemoan the fact that they have to go to Grandma's house when all they really want to do is take the long weekend to relax after a hard week in the salt mines. It's all just institutionalized spending and interaction, and it is all bullshit.

I had a pretty tough week, and all I wanted to do was mope around the house muttering to myself while playing PlayStation and watching the O's. So that's what I did, but I think I earned it. I started the week by finding out that I'll be getting laid off on June 30th. I spent the rest of the week trying to figure out what my next step will be. To top it all off, I still haven't posted a new solitaire high score yet, and believe me, I've tried. Sure there were bright spots. The O's are playing well, the Cats won and Inky and are getting more than a grand back from the feds. But when things are really dark you need a lot more bright spots than this to light things up.

So I'll spend the rest of my "holiday" quietly in the house. I'll watch the Masters, the O's and some Footy while eating crap that's no good for me. And, I will like it. The high point of my day will be when I pop "Hank and Mike" into my DVD player. I think it will be a very fitting way to tie my Easter together, don't you:

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