Monday, April 13, 2009

Solitaire 101

As I mentioned in my vitriol filled anti-Easter rant on Saturday night, I had a hard go of it last week. The thought of spending hours on and flipping through the classifieds is enough to make me sick, but that's where I find myself. I will be out of a job in 78 days, so on the one hand, at least I'll have time to find another gig, but on the other, I'm a lame duck. In the end, that should mean more time to play solitaire, but it may also necessitate the need to donate bodily fluids for cash, so it's a mixed bag.

Amid all that chaos last week, I did manage to post a real good score. I played a game in 101 seconds which is good for third best on my list. I still have the mythical and elusive 90 second game in my sights and I'm not going to quit any time soon. Solitaire may choose to let me go at the end of the fiscal year, but.... well that's another story.

#1: 8092/94
#2: 7660/100
#3: 7588/101


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