Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Trip Through Time, With A Jedi Master

A long, long time ago (September of 1995) on a college campus not so far far away three college roommates excuitted a kidnaping. Those sophomores were Big Wayne (oddly named, since he was the smallest of the three), XL and Me, Greazy Tony. We were barely into our second year of college and we were still hardly knew each other. Big Wayne and I had lived in the same dorm room for a half a semester freshman year, before I moved into an apartment with a bunch of juniors at the start of second semester.

XL then moved in with Big Wayne, and they both spent a lot of time at said apartment, thanks in large part to the fact that we had the Playboy Channel. So they were like honorary roommates. But for sophomore year, we wanted to be actual roommates, so we moved into a three-man apartment together, which was J4. In fact, we had only officially lived together for 24 days when we pulled the following caper, which took place at the old playboy-equipt apartment known as 207.

After classes were done on Friday the 29th of September, 1995, XL and I pulled in front of 207 in my little Gray Honda. That is when Big Wayne emerged with our victim under his arm and pilled it the car. We had done it. We kidnaped one of our friend's Yoda cardboard cut out, and we hit the road. We called with ransom demands and took photos as evidence that we were serious.

Little did we know that this one act of quite literal sophomoric behavior would spurn many more trips with Yoda. The first was to Richmond and Williamsburg Virginia, but after that there was Myrtle Beach South Carolina, Tampa Florida, Cooperstown New York, Cleveland Ohio, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Canton Ohio not to mention other events that Yoda would join us on over our last three years of college. Here now is Yoda: A Photo Journey

We were benevolent captures, and on our first trip we even fed Yoda.
This is him calling in our demands from a motel in Williamsburg VA
After we returned from VA, Yoda decided to come live with us at J4. Can you blame him? We had a full bar complete with a traffic light and a hand written PA State Liquor licence.
Our second trip was to Myrtle Beach, and we showed Yoda a hell of a time
Here, XL and I take him Outlet shopping
Hell, we even got him into a 3-way with some Coastal Carolina sorority girls
Maxing and/or relaxing on the beach
We started taking him to O's games, back when that was a tough ticket to get
Senior year when XL, Big Wayne, Inky and I drove to Florida, Yoda came with us to Tropicana Field
We even dressed him up for graduation day in May of '98.
It wouldn't have been worth it to get our diploma without Yoda there too.
In 2002 we took to the road with Yoda again, this time to Ohio where Big Wayne found the Weinner Mobile.

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