Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Song Spotlight: "What is a Life" by Youth Group

The Aussie band Youth Group put out a record in Oz that was heralded as one of the best of '08. Sadly, we have to wait till next week to get The Night is Ours here, but it will be well worth the wait. In addition to the fantastic singles "All this Will Pass" and "Two Sides" the record features the excellent little slice of life song that I present to you today. As with any good song, you can place yourself into the story line, and allow the words to take on their own meaning as they pertain to your life. I hope you enjoy:

I've lived in this town for 13 years,
I've been around.
You see that window in that tower?
That was mine.

Under that fluorescent light
I made cold calls through the night
to houses deep in suburbs I will never go.

And then in Chinatown
I'd get something and hang around.
How does that busker know each day from the rest?

See that man who just brushed past me?
Well I know him,
but don't ask me ‘bout him.
I wonder, is he still with his wife?

What is a life?

The ferries pull up in the evening warmth.
I used to give out papers here
as they rushed on their way home.

The streets are full of plaques.
Just where that park is
used to be a den of whalers,
Jesus Christ!

What is a life?

Of all the jobs I've had,
well I can't say they've turned out bad,
Its just funny
to think that guy was you.

A waiter on his break,
he smokes a cigarette
and takes a long look at a repaired paring knife.


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