Saturday, March 07, 2009

A New List in the New Year

I last updated my Top 5 list in August, so I think the time has come to make a few changes. Mila Kunis surged on to the list on the strength of her hotness in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." Likewise, Billie Piper joined this most exclusive of sisterhoods based solely on her performance in "Secret Diary of a Call Girl." Sadly, they must now both move to the side to make way for new members.

First up we have Sasha Grey, who comes in at #5. Sasha is getting ready to star in the film "The Girlfriend Experience" by Stephen Soderbergh. Prior to that, she has stared in over 150 other videos that skipped the silver screen and went right to DVD. (if I ever lowered myself to use emoticons, here is where I'd use the winking/smiling face one) In addition to being a smoldering sexpot, she is also quite smart, and outspoken on issues facing women today.

Also making the cut this time around is Zooey Deschanel, who should have been on the list long ago. Ever since first spotting her in "Almost Famous" I've thought she was amazingly cute. Then she knocked a bunch of great indie roles to go along with her higher profile turns in bigger movies like "Elf" or "Failure to Launch." Then, she really blew me away with last year's "Volume 1", a record she released under the name She & Him with M. Ward. In short, Zooey, like Mr. G., is a triple threat. She also has a knack for playing characters with K names. In a two year span she was Kit (Failure to Launch), Kat (Weeds), Ms. Pussy Katz (Flakes), Katie (Raving) and Kate (The Go Getter).

Here is the updated list, with corresponding pictorial proof of hotness:

#5) Sasha Grey, 20: Porn Star, Actress, Model, Activist.

#4) Nicky Whelan, 26 Actress, Model, Grand daughter of Brownlow Medalist.

#3) Evaangeline Lilly, 29: Actress.
#2) Zooey Deschanel, 29: Actress, Singer/Songwriter.
#1) Anne Hathaway, 26: Actress.

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Elliot Thresher said...

Evie and Zooey - yowzer!