Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just 8 Seconds To Go.

Baby steps. That's the approach I'm taking on my quest to play a 90 second solitaire game. 90 seconds seems like an impossibility, but breaking into the double digits is well with in my grasp. Coming into this week my best game of all time was 7080 points in 109 seconds. This week I went two seconds better to set another PB with a score of 7175 in 107 seconds. I know, it's only a drop of 2 seconds, but it's also only 8 seconds away from a 99.

I am on the road in Upstate New York for business and pleasure, and as fate would have it, I forgot my mouse. So I doubt I'll be playing much till I get back home. So for now, the 100 second barrier is safe, but I know it is restless. For, it knows that it will be breached soon enough. My top scores now stand thusly:

#1: 7175/107
#2: 7080/109
#3: 6893/112


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