Sunday, March 29, 2009

Greazy Tony: On the Verge of Immortality!

I had another very busy week that kept me off the solitaire battlefield, but I made up for it over the weekend. I was laid up this weekend after taking a trip to see my friendly neighborhood tattooist on Friday night. Not only am I psyched that my 3/4 sleeve is finally done, but my recovery time also gave me all the time I needed in front of the computer to set a new high score.

And score high I did. I was listening to "Lost in a Low Cloud" by the Flying Foxes just as I started the game and 100 seconds later the game ended just before the song did. I now stand 1 second away from breaking into the double digits and a mear 10 seconds away from my overall goal of a 90 second game. The final score was 7660 points in 100 seconds which bettered my previous best by 7 full seconds and 485 points.

All of my high scores are now in the 7,000's and less than 110 seconds. Each time I post a new personal best I wonder if I can find a way to better it, and so far, I've been able. So stay tuned to TGWOOfY to see if I make it happen.

#1: 7660/100
#2: 7175/107
#3: 7080/109


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