Thursday, March 26, 2009

Don’t Do it Harry! It’s a Trap!

There are some very strong people in this world, you know, the kinds who can have temptation flaunted in their face and restrain themselves. But most people are not this strong, and have to steel themselves against their weaknesses, vices and obsessions. Many people who are struggling with addiction will go out of their way to avoid their substance of choice. You’ll see alcoholics who won’t go to a bar and drug addicts who won’t ever hang out with Keith Richards. You know, the usual.

On the other hand, you have people who just can’t draw themselves away from their nemesis and as such the keep falling down the same well over and over again. And so it is with Michael Jackson, who earlier this week gave Harry Potter all access passes for his upcoming come back show. You’d have to think that those early Potter movies are like porn to Jacko, even though Daniel Radcliffe is all grown up these days. I’m sure Radcliffe is smart enough to know what Jackson means by “all access” and as such I’m sure he won’t be letting the king of pop handle his….wand, but this is still distasteful, even by Jackson standards.

His whole Peter Pan wet dream was gross 15 years ago, but now that his life has turned into a full fledged Greek tragedy it seems like this should all be avoidable. Why does this guy still get to be famous? And who are these psychos forking over big bucks to see him play after all these years of madness? The only thing worse than an addict is an enabler; and anyone who fills Michael’s pockets is enabling him. It’s only when he’s reached rock bottom that he’ll have the courage to stand up and say ‘my name is Michael and I’m addicted to little boys.’


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Thisishollywood said...

Yes, Harry don't. You no longer have to spend hours setting it.

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