Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Touching Me-Tuchen You

Once againg my work took me to world's greatest city today. This time around, NYC had a little surprise in store for me as the mercury rose all the way to 65 degrees in the city. It was nice to be walking around The Upper East Side, The West Village and the neighboorhood around the WTC site with no coat while being bathed in warm sun. I had a couple of Grey's Papaya dogs at 6th and 8th and I even got the chance to walk by my father's old office on Church Street. And by the way, I took the train in from Hoboken rather than driving, so there's no need to check my car for evidence of a hit and run.

Once back in Jersey, I decided to spend the night in Woodbridge, which is just miles from where I grew up: Metuchen, the Brainy Borough. After eating most of a huge pastrami sandwhitch at Harold's I decided to go see a movie. I saw the new flick "Fanboys" which anyone who have ever been a little too upfront about their love of Star Wars should see. Right now the film is only showing on 43 screnes nation wide in big cities... and New Brunswick. That's one of the things I miss about living in Central Jersey is the perks that come with having to putting up with the traffic and over crowding.

I drove back to my hotel via Rt 27 which runs from New Brunswick through Higland Park and Edison into Metuchen. Then I drove down Main St. Raritan center. This route pretty much incompassed all the sights I would find myself driving by on any givin day as a late teen with a freshly minted drivers licence. Maybe it was the feel of warm springish air rolling through the open window, and maybe it was all enhanced by the first few tracks of Chairlift's most recent record which I had pumping, but I was tripping on some massive flashback style memories.

Everywhere I looked I got a chuckle as I rememberd some rediculous thing I had done with my friends more than a decade ago. The memories were so potent that I could also feel the residual impact of the emotions that I had then. From excitment to fear and from young lust to unbridaled freedom it was all there. It was like it was all just laying dormant inside me waiting to be unlocked by a slow car ride, with the window down and music blareing.

The thing that caught me most off gaurd was when I drove by one of the Dinners my buddies and I used to hang out at. There I remembered all the nights we spent talking about our future. We didn't know what lay ahead of us or what paths our lives would take, and that was truely exciting. I really miss that feeling, because to be honest, I kind feel like I know exactly what I have in store for me over the next few decades. It's not that I'm not happy to be alive and living the life I have because I love my life with Inky. Its just that we all have to lern as adults that the road ahead is not quite as boundless as we once thought, and that sucks.


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