Friday, February 20, 2009

Talk About a Walk of Shame

Sometimes we as a culture sit up and take notice of something that should probably just go quietly by wayside. Our public conscienceless opens and makes a place for this oddity of pop culture, and we are never the same for it. Such is the case with the Snuggie, which first popped up as one of those late night two minute long ads but has become a tour de force.

I may never understand why you can't just put a sweatshirt on and cover your legs with a blanket when you are cold. But, the marketplace has spoken, and loudly at that, as the company that makes snuggies had to send out letters to some customers before Christmas to say that the reverse-robe was on back order due to "overwhelming order volume." I'm sure a large portion of these orders were joke gifts due to the snuggie's relatively affordable gag-gift price, but some were people couldn't wait to get their hands on this blanket with arms. However, a large enough number of these orders were people who couldn't wait to ensconce themselves in feux-velvet.

Now, a group of these snuggie enthusiasts, call them snuggites, have decided to take to the streets in support of the backwards Obi Wan vestment. Of course the only way I'd ever be seen in public in a snuggie was if I was off my ass drunk, and as fate would have it, the organizers of this gathering have thought of that. They are doing a snuggie bar crawl in a town near you. You read that right, a snuggie themed bar crawl in some of the biggest cities in the country.

Hey! What was that sound? Did you hear it?

I think the terrorists have finally won.


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