Friday, February 06, 2009

All it Takes is One Slip

Last week I told you about a high water mark in my solitaire playing career. I hit a score of 6576 in a time of 119 seconds. Last night I was playing on the home computer while listening to the awesome new single by the Temper Trap, and I almost did it again. I was moving at a furious clip, and I could sense I had a quickly unfolding game going. Plus the pace of the song "Sweet Disposition" seemed to be in time with my movements, and I thought it was all going to add up to my greatest solitaire achievement ever.

So close, but it was not to be. The song was winding down and I saw the end of the game was only a few clicks away, but at the last second I hit a bit of a roadblock. I had moved a red 10 to the top pile before I used it to move the black 9 that was covering the last unturned card. So I had to pull the ten back down, move the nine, flip the black 8 and then proceed. It was that mistake that cost me another sub 2 minute game. As you can see from the above screen cap, I finished in 123 seconds. This must be the way Michael Phelps feels when he finishes a race .01 seconds slower then his fastest time. Or, how he feels when he eats 6 3/4 bags of Cheetos after hitting the bong, rather than his usual 7 full bags.

I guess I'll have to soldier through my Friday knowing I missed out on setting a new personal best. This temporary setback will not keep me from one day achieving my dream of a 90 second finish. I remain undaunted! I know you all would be disillusioned and lost if I ever gave up this dream, that admittedly, you have only just heard about now. But never worry faithful reader, I will not... nay, must not let you down. Yes I can!

Yeah, it may be time for me to see someone.


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