Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pinch Me, I May Be Dreaming

I was going to skip posting about this story to try and limit the number of people I have to compete with for this job. Then, I got emails from about a dozen people with links to the story from sources such as Yahoo and AOL to "US News and World Report" and the BBC. There is so much coverage of this story today that the Tourism Queensland website won't even load, and some reports say that they are getting as many as 100,000 hits a minute.

The good people at Tourism Queensland have come up with a great way of getting a whole lot of interest turned their way, and in case you aren't one of the people who sent me this story, here is the long and short of it. They are looking for a person to take a job from July 1st 2009 until the end of the year with a salary of A$ 150,000. The job will have a few small duties, but mostly the person who holds it will be a de facto PR rep for tourism in the northeastern Aussie state. There will be blogs to write (Hey, I've been blogging just about every other day for three years now...), videos to be shot and posted on the web (I have a degree in Radio and Television, and have worked for TV Stations...), and interviews to do (I talk to people for a living and try to convince them to do things, I am really close on this one). What's that? I'm perfect for the job you say? Well, thanks, I know. It's just a shame that I'm not some 24 year old "bro" with rock hard abs and cute, wavy hair.

Not that my decided lack of cuteness will stop me from applying for this job mind you. I plan on making a kick ass "Real World style" audition video that shows off my love of Oz, as well as my ability to communicate that love to others. One of the highlights of my life was SCUBA diving near the Great Barrier Reef island Michaelmas Cay back in '05. When it came time for Inky and I to pick between the Reef and the Outback on our '05 trip the Reef won, and our anticipated third Aussie trip in '10 or '11 will be spent almost entirely in Australia's Sunshine State.

There is so much to see and do in Queensland, from Brisbane to Cape York and the state has some of the most amazing beaches in the world. Then, off shore, there is Fraser Island, the unrivaled beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands where the winner of this job will live and work.

So dear readers, keep your fingers crossed for me, and maybe you'll be able to come stay with Inky and I in Oz this summer.


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