Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day, 2009.

Anyone who has ever read more than a few sentences of my blog knows that I am obsessed with Australia. I rather think that I am American by birth, but given the choice I'd be living in Oz in a second. While Inky and I have made our two trips there in the last 4 years that never seems to be enough. To keep a finger on our faint Aussie pulse we watch Rove on YouTube, follow our footy team on satellite TV and listen to Triple J or Hamish & Andy online. We also enjoy the odd occasional meat pie and have forked over a ton of cash to Target to buy Tim Tams.

We may never be real Aussies, but we're sure going to give it a shot. So, it is in that spirit that I say happy Australia Day, which to Aussies is kind of like a mix between Thanksgiving and the 4th of July. It was on this day 221 years ago(in the middle of the antipodean summer) that Captain Aurthur Phillip and the first fleet of convicts, settlers and marines first landed in Sydney Cove. The land, and it's indigenous people, were inexorably changed from that point on, and the debate as to the merit of that change rages to this day.

Just like any relationship, my love of Australia is a complected mixture of compromising good with the bad, while also taking the time to find new things to love about it every day. That's why I was so excited to watch some bonafide Aussie TV last night, in my own living room on my own TV. The cable channel G4 premiered The Chaser's War on Everything just after midnight, to kick off Australia Day in the US. It will normally air on Wednesdays at 9, and if you have G4 you should check it out, because it's pretty damn funny.


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