Sunday, December 28, 2008

That's A Lot of Nuts!

Allow me to share with you yet another example of how bad the economy is getting these days. People are starting to steal some very weird shit. Just the other day a group of seiral truck tire thieves struck in Central Pennsylvania. That's right, they stole 20 grand worth of truck tires and in the kicker, they used a stolen truck to haul them away. I've also seen at least a dozen stories about copper pipe being stolen, including one in which a downspout was stolen right off a building in downtown York in the middle of the night. To top it all off, someone stole a backhoe in the Greater Harrisburg area the other day, and used a U-Haul to tow it away.

While all these thefts are strange, at least each of the items stolen can be fenced relatively easily. The same is probably not true for the booty gained by a group of pilferers in the Sydney suburbs. They stole $100,000 worth of nuts. Cashews to be exact. Even with the exchange rate, that's more than 68,000 worth of nuts. In the words of the movie Kung Pow: Enter the Fist "That's a lot of nuts."

According to (yeah, I thought that url would be porn too) that is about 8,000 pounds worth of cashews. Just where dose one go about hiding 8,000 pounds of nuts? And who can you sell all those nuts to? Granted, I don't know a lot about the nut business, but I would have to think that you can't fence this load quite as easily as say... diamonds, or even truck tires.

One thing's for sure, I'm glad this nut caper went down, because it gives me an excuse to post this video:


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Attack squirrels. THOUSANDS of them.