Sunday, December 21, 2008

TGWOOfY Top 25 Records of 2008

2008 was another very good year for music, as we got all kinds of new acts and new stuff from old ones. My top 25 list features 12 US acts, 6 from Australia, 3 from England, 2 Scottish Groups and one each from New Zealand and Iceland. the Male/Female split is just about 50/50 and it is a nice mix of new groups and old favorites. I cut back drastically on the number of records I bought this year. Having gotten dangerously close to triple figures last year, I decided to easy my way into some purchase. I would listen to songs on free streams, and if I found that I liked more than one, I bought the whole disc. If there was only a small hand full that blew what I have left of my hair back, then I downloaded those. When I sorted them all out, here is what I ended up with:

25) British Sea Power - Do you Like Rock Music
24) Kathleen Edwards - Asking for Flowers
23) flogging Molly - Float
22) Vivian Girls - Vivian Girls
21) Architecture in Helsinki - Places Like This

20) Sia - Some People Have Real Problems
19) Operator Please - Yes Yes Vindictive
18) The Watson Twins - Fire Songs
17) Flight of the Conchords - Flight of the Conchords
16) Death Cab for Cutie - Narrow Stairs

15) The Herd - Summerland
14) Emiliana Torrini - Me and Armini
13) The Walkmen - You & Me
12) Jenny Lewis - Acid Tongue
11) The Fratellis - Here We Stand

10) The Long Blondes - Couples
9) Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
8) Clare Bowditch - The Moon Looked On
7) She & Him - Volume 1
6) The Audreys - When the Flood Comes

5) Glasvegas - Glasvegas
4) R.E.M. - Accelerate
3) Be Your Own Pet - Get Awkward
2) MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
1) The Wombats - A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation

I had a hard time picking which of the top five should be number one In the end, The Wombats not only had a kick ass record, but they also produced the soundtrack to the driving that Inky and I did in Australia. I think I would have had Glasvegas even higher if I had heard it before November, but even with only one month to make an impression, it made a big one.

I couldn't be happier that R.E.M. returned to form in 2008, I rather think it's like getting one last lucid day with a beloved grandparent with Alzheimer's. I don't know where they go from here, but I hope it keeps tracking upward. Sadly, I know I won't be hearing anything from #3 and #10 as both Be Your Own Pet and The Long Blondes have split up, but maybe in years to come we'll hear from members of the bands in other acts.

Well, now it's on to 2009, and I already have my eyes on a few early year releases.


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