Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I've Got the Blues...and Grapes

I try and keep my office inviting, if not neat, so I have all the necessary trappings. Interesting photos on the wall and personal photos of Inky and of my Dad (at his own desk) on my desk. I have bookshelves with some nicknack's and interesting books, and of course, I have lots of work stuff too. But the one thing that keeps people coming into my office is my candy dish. It's not actually a dish, but a Russian teacup that I smuggled out of Moscow back in '92.

It's not the cup that people like, however, it's the candy. Every so often I pick up a bag of assorted Jolly Ranchers and fill the cup with them. By and by people come in and chat with me while they browse the cup for their favorite. People can be very selective when it comes to a display of individually wrapped candy, and I'm no different, so over time all the cherry's, watermelon's and green apple's go missing leaving nothing but grape's and blue raspberry's behind.

I'm sure there are really smart mathematicians working on some sort of candy based game-theory about how people chose their flavors, but I can only go on what I see. There is only one person in my office that likes the blue raspberry, and while Inky likes grape, she doesn't come to see me very often. So the supply of red and green candy gets depleted while the blue and purple keeps building up with each bag I buy. I can't help feeling a bit waistful, but then again, I can't stomach the idea of a blue raspberry jolly rancher.

There was a time when I only had the grape left over at the end of the bag, because the fifth flavor in the mix was lemon. I loved lemon, and would often pick them out just after the green apple or cherry. I don't know quite when it happened but the lemon jolly rancher is no more, and in it's place we have something that makes your tongue blue so you can walk around looking like a douche all day. I'd love to meet the marketing people who made that call, so I could kick them in the balls.

Till then, I'll just keep going to the store when the red and green ones are gone, and my stockpile of blue and purple will continue to grow.


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XL said...

I got last cherry...I stopped eating grape because it made me jizz in my pants....