Monday, November 24, 2008

Where's Zamfir When You Need Him?

Last night, after the football game, I was headed back downtown for some post game entertainment. Rather than walk the whole way, I decided to take the monorail to rest my legs. As I bounded down the steps from the station, gazing up at the Space Needle in the late afternoon sun, I became aware of music in the air. Only, this wasn't the rock music that had been playing over the speakers when I had been here earlier to ascend the tower. No, this music was live... and it featured a pan flute.

As I rounded the corner near the tourist trap of a souvenir stand I saw them. As you can see for yourself in my above photo, they were dressed in the native garb of the Peruvian pan flute street band. It's only been a few weeks since I saw the two South Park episodes where the pan flute bands were driven out of the US by a sleeper agent working in the US government to facilitate the over throw of the country by guinea pigs. So, needless to say, my feelings were mixed upon seeing them there, selling their CDs and playing their music.

I was happy that I wouldn't be trampled to death by huge guinea pigs, guinea bears, guinea lions or guinea T-rex's but sad that I had to listen to it. I was also sad to see the little pods of tourists crowded around listening, and indeed even buying CD's, which one would assume they would listen to in their Seattle T-Shirt while using their Space Needle salt and pepper shakers. I'm just glad that South Park taught me how badly needed these under appreciated heroes are, because that is all that stopped me from beating them in to a semiconscious state with my shoe.


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