Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If You Believe it, It Can Happen

I've never been one of those people that believes in "the power of positive thinking", "the guiding hand of the universe" or karma, but I might have to change my mind. Little did I know that since Inky and I returned from Australia the heros at Pepperidge Farm were hard at working bringing one of our favorite Aussie treats stateside. That's right people: the Tim Tam is now on sale in America. It was just about a week ago that Hugh Jackmann gave a pack of cookies to everyone in Oprah's audience, and now, here they are on the shelves of Target. (I'm sure that Jackmann's giveaway and the American debut of the Tim Tam happening at around the same time are pure coincidence)

In the end, I don't care how or why it has happened, just that it is reality. Sadly, the Cookies are only on Target's shelves until March, as a trial to see if Pepperidge Farm wants to keep delivering them in the future. So each of you have to go out and buy them by the arm fulls this holiday season. Stuff every stocking with them, take them and leave them in the break room at work, and hoard them as if they will be our new currency once the economy collapses.


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Heidi Champa said...

"Sweet Land Of Liberty. . ." or maybe it would be better with "Advance Australia fair."