Friday, November 28, 2008

Enough Already!

Mom, baseball, apple pie and over-the-top shopping that borders on gladiatorial combat. These are the American way. There is no idea that we as Americans can't take and push way past the limit. And so it is with the desire for a good deal, which has sadly gone way too far. I'm sure you've heard all about the two tragic events that unfolded today. In one, a Wal Mart worker was trampled to death by a surging crowd of people who knocked down the doors in anticipation of the "big deals" they were going to get.

The other big story of Black Friday was the double shooting at the Toys R US in Palm Desert California over some kind of dispute. Three dead on Black Friday, how nice. Maybe it's about time that we all just slow the fuck down and take a breath. Sure we all want to get some hot new toys on the cheep, but it's about time to chill the fuck out. Is that $400 flat screen really that important that you have to push past people, or even walk on top of them to get to it? Never mind the fact that sitting in your car, in front of the door to the place at all hours of the night borders on stalking. Keep in mind we are in the largest economic downturn in 70 years. Put that all together and you have a situation where the people of this country are not only spending themselves into the poor house, but killing one another in the process.

And it's all in the name of the Holiday spirit! God knows you can't just tell someone you love them. You have to quantify that love with a something purchased at a big box store and which was made overseas. God bless the USA...


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