Thursday, October 16, 2008


I posted yesterday about the ups and downs of traveling. One thing I haven't had to deal with in my trips to Nashville, Boston or Chicago is what my money is worth. Sure some of those places are a bit more expensive, but by and large a buck is a buck is a buck, no matter what the Dow is doing. Not so with Australia, where a buck can be a a buck, as it was when Inky and I were there in May, or it can be 75 cents as it was when we were there in '05.

Earlier this week one tiny gold A$1 coin would buy you two quarters, a dime, a nickle and two pennies. SIXTY-FUCKING-SEVEN CENTS! Are you fucking kidding me? To give you and idea, of why I'm so pissed, lets just say I got a speeding ticket in Australia... oh wait, I did. Well at the time I paid it, the A$150.00 ticket cost me $142.50 based on the exchange rate at the time. If I had waited to pay that ticket till earlier this week the same ticket would have set me back $100.50 or $42 less. Or to put it in a more more simple term, if I was at tittle bar where you tip based on the nation of origin, I'd only have tip .67 cents now, vs .98 then.

This well and truly pisses me off. The only upside is the fact that it will be a lot cheaper for Inky and I to order stuff from Down Under for one another for Christmas. Tim Tams anyone? How about some Geelong swag, all at a huge discount! While that sounds good, I can't help but feel a bit pissed off that we could have had that great trip for a twenty-five percent discount if we had waited five months.


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