Sunday, September 14, 2008

What Am I Missing?

Anyone who's watched any tv over the last few weeks has undoubtedly seen the new line of Microsoft ads featuring Jerry Seinfeld and former Chairman Bill Gates. Now, I fancy myself a pretty smart guy, and I'm not one to throw dirt on a once great entertainers grave, but I have two points:

1) These ads are terrible. Unless I am missing something, or they are just a rope-a-dope for a big payoff later, they are bigger waist's of time than Paris Hilton's existence. If they were going for a fish out of water feel with two people that we are most familiar with in another context, then they went about a mile and a half past the mark. If they were going for odd for odd's sake, then this would be called a failure by resounding success of a plan. If they just threw these two guys together and said "let's see what happens" they waisted a few million in production and a few more in add buys and gained nothing.

Apple pays very little for there "Mac vs PC" adds in talent and production and gets far more return. It's what some might call a safe, but winning bet. Whereas Microsoft tried to swing for the fences and mighty Casey has struck out.

2) Jerry Seinfeld hasn't done a single funny thing since before I graduated from College. It was the end of April, 1998 and the forum was the third to last episode of Seinfeld entitled "The Maid." The following week was a letdown, and the two part finally was a crime of situation comedy perpetrated upon the loyal fans who followed the show for years. Since then, he has hardly made anyone crack a smile. Why didn't they just get the guy who played Balki Bartokomous to be in the ads with Gates? Now that would have had a chance to be funny. This garbage? Not so much.

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XL said...

I like the Balki idea only if he and Bill Gates did the Dance of Joy. Or if cousin Larry was there saying "Do I look like a pussy" when Bill Gates offers him a Lite Beer....alright, I had to go pretty far to get to that one.