Friday, September 05, 2008

Equal Treatment

For years I have wondered what it was about powerful yet average looking men that makes women interested in them. I have always been mystified by the women who think Bill Clinton is hot, be it then, now or ever. Likewise, the idea of James Gandolfini as a sex symbol makes me want to puke, but some women think he's hot (in real life mind you, where he is not a mob boss) because of some perceived power. The list of such men and the women who lust after them is long, and I'd rather not list more, but there is another list that interests me.

Powerful women who men lust after. Sara Palin has about as much power as Governor of Alaska as the director of residence life at Ohio State, but now that she is on the ticket there are all sorts of people talking about how hot she is. She's been referred to as a MILF and I guess she is technically on her way to being a GILF, but what she is not is hot. Not even in that "naughty librarian" way either.

The same can be said for Australia's version of a VP: Julia Gillard (pictured above right) who serves as Kevin Rudd's Deputy Prime Minister. Soon after taking power away from the Bush friendly Howard Government the Rudd=Gillard team began making change in Oz. Perhaps the good feelings of the ALP made them fall head over heals for Julia, who they named the second sexiest woman in Australia, behind Jennifer Hawkins.

Maybe there are a lot of guys out there that need to find themselves a madam or something. If you see hot, where there is only power, then you are looking for someone to stick a stiletto in your ass.


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