Wednesday, September 17, 2008

4 Month Pie Itch.

I can't tell you how staggered I was when I realized that it was a third of a year ago that Inky and I found our way to Woolloomooloo to experience our first Aussie Meat Pie. We were excited to have a "tiger pie" at Harry's Cafe de Wheels, and then we had another. There are many things that we had in Oz that we miss now, and others that we are able to have from time to time to remind us of good times past.

So when fate, and work, took me to New York City on Monday I couldn't help going a bit out of my way to lay in a supply of pies for the Aussie Rules Football playoffs. I went into Brooklyn to a place called Let Them Eat Pie: the Down Under Bakery, the makers of the DUB Pie. After putting them on ice, and making my way back to Pennsylvania, Inky and I decided that we should sample them before XL comes up for the AFL Grand Final in two weeks.

As the pies were baking, we set about the task of making mashed potatoes and peas. Harry's serves their pie layered with potatoes, peas and then gravy, and we were out to recreate what we had 4 months ago. Mashing the peas was easier than I though it might have been. I just used a little milk to help them bind together and hit them with the potato masher before pulsing them in the blender to chop the skins up a bit.

Inky handled the assembly, lovingly spreading the potatoes on the pie, then the peas on the potatoes before making a reservoir for the gravy. (see the process for yourself below.) Then it was time to eat, and the DUB pie is every bit as good as the ones we ate 4 months ago under the hot Sydney sun. (The Pie on top above is ours, the one on the bottom is one of the pies we ate at Harry's in May.)

The chunks of steak are tender and flavourful, and the sauce is rich while also serving as the perfect suspension liquid for the meat. In short, perfect balance. The pie shell is light and flaky, but also sturdy enough to allow for in hand eating. The owner of the shop points out that they import their margarine from down under to ensure authentic tasting pastry, and I can attest to it's positive result. They were so good that Inky and I decided to split a third pie to be sure we had our fill. If you are ever in Brooklyn and want an authentic taste of the antipodes find your way to 193 Columbia Ave and enjoy!

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