Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stiff of the Week: Lil Greazy

There are no words, they should have sent a poet. Sitting in my hotel room here in Chicago and what to my wondering eyes did appear, but, a rain soaked gold metal beach volleyball match. And Misty May. And Kerri Walsh. In tiny white bikinis. And obviously cold too.

Give me just a moment. Whew!

Where was I? Oh yeah the itsie bitsie, teenie weenie white translucent volleyball bikini. I think those four minute pieces of fabric should each win a gold metal. I know that they COULD play that game in board shorts and tank tops, but why? Is there any more amazing example of the female body then that of a beach volleyball player? I think not, and what went on for 45 minutes in Beijing may have bordered on porn, but it was also impressive and compelling sport. Misty and Kerri are about as dominant in their sport as anyone else has ever been. They are twice the Tiger that Tiger is, and about a million times as hot. Its a win win win win, in skimpy white bikinis, that were practically see through under the Chinese rain. Slowly dripping down those perfect abs...

***Note: This post originally appeared on the now defunct blog "Inky and the Sports Guys" and has been imported to TGWOOfY for continuity purposes.***

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