Sunday, August 17, 2008

Golden Hotness

Inky and I are surprised at how much of the Olympics we've watched over the last 9 days, but there have been some compelling story lines playing out, and then of course there has also been some hotness. While Inky gets to look at all the v shaped torsos among the swimmers, it's been a veritable hard body parade for me. From the beach volleyball to the pool and the hard wood one cant help but get... hard wood.

I was watching a semifinal game on the "beach today" and Xue Chen (top right) caught my eye. Now, I've long loved beach volleyball for Misty May and Keri Walsh, who are, in my mind, sexy as hell. Then, here comes the red Chinese invasion, in the form of Chen who is 6'2" 165 and retardedly smoking. In the pool, Aussie Stephanie Rice (left)broke up with her man before she got to Bejing, and with a body like that you can understand why, the girl just wants to have fun... and win the 200 and 400 IM. No matter where I turned I was seeing hotness, like Penny Taylor (above bottom right), who is a starting forward on the Opals, Australia's national basketball team.

The backcourt isn't too bad on the Opals either as evidenced by Erin Phillips pictured left. Phillips it on a one woman mission to get on my top 5 list as she combines spectacular play as one of the Opals guards to the fact that she was the first woman to play professional Aussie rules with boys. The backside and cute face don't hurt her case either.

And so I'll keep watching the as the athletes keep racking up golds, silvers and bronze but I'll also be watching the racks. The best part is, there is just as much male eye candy, if not more, so there is plenty for both sexes. Even better then that, it is the amount international hotties that we only get to see every 4 years making them kind of like smoking hot comets, on their orbit past us.

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