Saturday, August 09, 2008

El Greazo Fantastico

Ten years ago I was working as a cameraman at the local Fox affiliate. I was approached by the Sales Manager and asked to apply for an open position on the sales team. I thought it was because I had all the raw skills to be a great sales person, but as it turns out it was because they thought they were filling a minority quota. Greazy, what minority are you? Well I'm an Italian American Man, who grew up in middle class Catholic family. But, I am left handed, but that's not the quota they were trying to fill.

See, they thought I was of Latin decent. Other than taking Latin in high school and once dating a Puerto Rican girl I am about as far away from being Latino as you can get. But, the bosses at the Fox affiliate were sure I was, and so too are a bunch of my friends. These are guys I have known for over a decade and they keep saying I look like Hispanic people.

It started a few years ago when they said I looked like journeyman pitcher Russ Ortiz (above right), who as fate would have it is also a lefty. Then the other day I get a call wherein they told me that they all thought I looked like Jose Medellin who was put to death in Texas.

What the fuck, Que Passo? Why does everyone think the Greazy One is Latin? Is it my olive skin, my aquiline dego nose, or the fact that my name is Anthony... wait, the wetbacks kind of took that one from us didn't they. No matter. I still don't look Latin, but you can look at the photo above and tell me what you think.


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XL said...

I don't know about Russ Ortiz but you do kind of look like the felon....I have always found it funny that people think you are Latino though. That story from Fox never gets old.