Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fresh Top 5

I've decided to update my Top 5 list again. I just couldn't deal with having a list of all North Americans like I did in my last incarnation. So I've decided to drop Moon Bloodgood and Missy Peregrym from the 4 and 5 spots and bring on an Aussie and a Brit. Here goes:

5) Billie Piper, Actress, 25. If you haven't been watching "Secret Diary of a Callgirl" you are missing out. Not only is the show fantastic, but Billie really shines as Hannah, the high end working girl. Billie was a pop star in the UK before getting into acting, and did a turn on the venerable "Dr. Who" series which she is reprising as we speak. All I can think about when I see her is the line in the Flight of the Conchords song: "You're so beautiful, you could be a high class prostitute" but in a really flattering way. By which I mean: she is the perfect combination of hot, beautiful and sexy to believe that men would pay her thousands of dollars to sleep with her. (She's the blonde on the right in this video):

4) Nicky Whelan, Actress, 25. Crack, Heroin, Caffeine and Australian nighttime soap operas. These are some of the most addictive things in the world, and Ms. Whelan was one of the stars of "Neighbours" for years. She has what is quite possibly the best body I have ever seen which would normally be enough. However, like scores of Aussies beauties before her she also has beautiful face with a smile and eyes capable of lighting up the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The assault on your senses is topped off when you hear her quintessential Aussie accent in this clip from Neighbours, she is also the blonde on the right:

This awkward moment between friends lead to this amazingly contrived soap opera moment, now you see why Inky and I loved this show:

The rest of the list stays the same:

3) Evangeline Lilly, Actress, 29. I can't believe we have to wait 5 more months till Lost comes back, but Kate makes the wait worth wild. I don't know how I feel about them being off the island, however, which means that she will spend a lot less time in a swimsuit.

2) Anne Hathaway, Actress, 25. After seeing Anne on Aussie talk show "Rove" I'm even more smitten than ever. She is quite simply a stunning woman, who seems to have a great personality and was once married to William Shakespeare.

1) Mila Kunis, Actress 25. The very fact that I can still think she is scorching after hearing her as Meg Griffin for all these years tells you how hot she really is. Now, she just needs to back up her great turn in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" soon with another role.

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