Saturday, July 12, 2008

De Fuhrer of Beers?

If it hadn't already become clear to people that the American way of doing business needs some updating, this should do it. Belgium based InBev SA is going to spend around 50 billion bucks to buy Anheuser-Busch, making the American King of Beers the bitch of Northern Europe. No longer will the beer represent St. Louis and the heartland of America. No, now it will be more closely tied to Brugge, Brussels and Waterloo.

How and why is this happening? Well, it starts with the fact that the capitalist business model is loyal only to money, and not to nation of origin. That is why it is so comical that the Republican party in this country is both the party of "American Values" and of big business, because they are diametrically opposed to one another. What is best for the CEO of a company is for that company to make him, and his stock holders -of which he would be one- a fuckload of money. Fuckload is a technical term, usually defined as: more than any person could spend in their life time.

This gathering of green is normally accomplished on the backs of the American worker, who generally have those backs looked out for by a Labor (or Labour) party in other nations. Failing that in the States the Democrats have long been the party most commonly affiliated with the labor movement, but they are always painted as pinko commie liberals who want to make men marry men and allow you to light your joint with old glory. So they are marginalized by the Right who make people chose between their bible and their bank book.

The long term breakdown of the middle class, coupled with a war we can barely afford -even with the billions we borrow from China on a weekly basis- has lead to a point where the greenback is thoroughly devalued. Trust me, as a person who recently spent a month overseas, I know from devalued dollars. So this deal became a steal for InBev who are basically getting Bud off the bargain rack. What is scary is that Wall St may as well have a big "Everything Must Go" sign on it right now as EU corporations are licking their chops at the chance to get a US blue chip on the cheep.

The only way to keep American companies in American hands is to make sure that they become to pricey for European, Oriental and Middle Eastern companies to buy. The best way to be sure that happens is for the dollar to be robust, the economy to be strong and the military budget to be at the lowest level possible which will still ensure readiness and protection. To do that we need to leave Iraq now. Not on January 20th of 2009, now. We need to start taxing rich companies who's actions impact the American worker negatively (i.e. sending jobs overseas to improve the profit margin, even though they are already profitable). Lastly, we need to start making things in the US again and stop using the money we borrow from China to buy things from them. That is tantamount to borrowing money from "Vinnie the Nose" just so you can buy a hot stereo from him.

All great societies reach a stagnant point where their growth is outstripped by their lethargy. Now doesn't have to be that time for us, but we need to vigilant in ensuring that our way of life is preserved, not from fundamentalist Muslims, but from corporate tycoons.


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