Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Can I Get Down on That

So do I have to see my H.R. rep to get them to take some dough out of my paycheck so I'll be eligible for this upon retirement? I mean, there was a time when this type of pension would have just been a total tease, because by the time you retired you wouldn't be able to enjoy all that pussy in your pension. Now, with the advent of ED drugs like Viagra, you could get knee deep in your pension and really reap the rewards. (Plus you can also nail your wife up to four hours after your kid comes home from college unannounced, and you can sit in a separate bathtubs and hold hands as the sun goes down, but I think we all know that's not nearly as good a use as taking a withdraw from your pussy pension)

I hate to use the really old joke here: but what do you think the penalty for early withdrawal is? And to save up for the big payout at retirement, do I need to be putting pussy away? Cause I don't think Inky would be down with that, unless, of course she gets to bank a cock or twelve. And if I bank a 22 year old pussy now, and go to collect in 30 years, will it still be 22 year old pussy or will it be 52 year pussy, because that seems like diminishing returns. I don't have a whole lot of extra time on my hands to be playing around in the pussy futures market you know. Unless, of course, I'm able to buy low and sell.... wait. What? The story is about a dude who is making a ton of money in Australia by betting on the Geelong Cats Football Club.

Talk about your miss leading headlines.

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XL said...

I wonder if you were going to be a "pussy broker" if you'd have to wear a hat with a feather in it, or have a gold tooth, or possibly wear brightly colored suits.