Saturday, July 19, 2008

And I Don't Feel Bad

Inky and I are only just learning how to control our powers. We are like fledgling superheros with no instructor. Case in point: while driving down one of Central Pennsylvania's highways we were enveloped by a mob of douche bags on motorcycles. They began doing wheelies and weaving in and out of traffic. In a situation like this, one false move by one of the bike riding d-bags and we could have been playing slalom just trying to avoid running one of them over.

As they showed off for one another we started to talk about the complete and total disregard they seemed to have, not only for the people around them, but for themselves. It was at that time that we invoked the power. It is the same power that a sports broadcaster has to break up a no hitter or cause a sharpshooting basketball player to miss a free throw.

"These guys deserve to wipe out and crash"

And lo, what happened? As we curled around an exit ramp, watching d-bags pass us on the shoulder to catch up to the main d-bag pack, a cloud of dirt caught my eye. In the triangle of grass between the exit ramp and the highway we were merging on to we saw a rouge d-bag struggling to keep his rice burner upright. After about 5 over and back motions the handlebars turned to the left and the bike when down. The d-bag, however, when up. He flew at least 10 feet and turned over in the air what had to have been a dozen times.

All the other d-bags stopped to check on him, and Inky and I were able to continue our ride unfettered. Job well done. Oh, and case you were wondering, yes: it is funny to see someone fall of a motorcycle, provided he brought it on himself by totally disregarding his own safety and the safety of those around him.


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