Sunday, June 08, 2008

Where Have All the Hot Rods Gone?

I know they were here. I heard a bunch of them, and even saw a few, but unlike most years I could have totally missed that it was Street Rod weekend in York PA. Every year at this time people from all over the eastern seaboard bring their rides, rods and midlife crisis manifestations to the White Rose city to show them off to one another and... well I don't know quite what else they do, but they sure used to seem to enjoy it.

In times gone by (eg last year) people would set up chairs along US route 30 to watch the rods burn rubber, and fuel, in a catwalkesque parade of American muscle. Talk about a cheep way of entertaining the kids! I was out on 30 a few times this weekend and I hardly saw any hot rods. We all know why, of course, but I am still surprised. If you are going to put 30k into fixing up a 1954 Ford Fairlane, I would think you could drop a few Franklin's on gassing up and driving to York to show off what became of your kids college fund. I guess four dollars plus per gallon for high octane was the breaking point for this particular group of car enthusiasts.

I didn't think they'd be scared away so easily, god knows the bikers won't be when their weekend to descend on York comes in the Fall. Then again, they get like 50 MPG on those things, so they have a leg up. They also have tee shirts that say "if you can read this then the bitch fell off" so lets not go crazy and declare them the winners or anything.

Of course we are all finding out the hard way that if you have some place to get to, and you can't walk, bike or take mass transit, then we are all the the losers. Hey wait, wasn't our invasion of Iraq supposed to pay for itself in oil? Didn't someone say that? Maybe the heat is just getting to me...


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XL said...

Maybe the Hot Rod association decided to protest by not showing off their cars....I don't know who that punishes though...