Saturday, June 21, 2008

Time to Go?

Picture it: the year was 1994. It was mid June, and the 18 year old Greazy was getting ready to go to an incoming freshman BBQ for college. I had well crafted plans to get as much tail as I could in those first few months, before settling down and finding my future wife. You think that's funny? It's worked out pretty well so far. Anyway, back to '94.

I was thinking about what to wear to the get together, but lets just say I've never been much of a fashion plate. So I went to the mall with one of my best friends who always dressed kind of well and I got a white waffle print shirt, a tan collared shirt, and a pair of white board shorts from Structure. When he asked me what I was going to wear on my feet, I was kind of stumped. All throughout high school I went with less than obvious choices for footwear. If I was wearing shorts, which I did 90% of the time, I had wrestling shoes on, because they are really comfortable. If I was wearing jeans, then it was boot time, either of the cowboy or work variety.

My friend informed me that none of my current footwear would go with the outfit we had picked up, so we went into a shoe shore on the second floor of Menlo Park Mall and started looking at docksiders. Up to that point I had never worn a docksider in my life, so I was hesitant. When I saw the prices, I was more so. I ended up dropping more on the shoes than the outfit, and if you remember the prices at Structure, then you know that's saying something. I ended up going home with a pair of $120 shoes that I thought I'd only wear once. "Those'll last for 10 years" he told me, well he was wrong.

Fourteen years later and I've probably worn those shoes a million times. They've been to Florida, the Carolina's, Vegas, Australia, the Caribbean, Canada, and a ton of other places. I've replaced the insoles twice, and -as you can see from the picture- worn a hole in the side from my toe rubbing against the leather. I think I may have gotten my money's worth, so the time may have come to throw them away. And in case you were wondering, I looked fly on the day of the BBQ!

RIP: My shoes 6/15/94-6/21/08:

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XL said...

Don't throw them away!! Those shoes are a legacy in themselves. I'd have them bronzed!