Monday, June 30, 2008

Good Reality TV at Last!

When I was a kid my brother and I would watch episodes of "Love Connection" and wait for the bad dates. It would work out that the woman would bust on the guy for being cheep, ugly, rude, full of himself, lame or all of the above. Or the guy would put the woman down for being dumb, ugly, ugly, ugly or a tease. It was great how they would trade barbs back and forth and generally hate on one another. It was even better when the crowd had picked them as a good match.

The dates that went well were boring, because you didn't get to hear any of the good stuff. It was the 80's so even if there was some hot, sticky, up against a bathroom wall sex going on, we never got to hear about it. And so it has gone on reality/dating shows up till now. Sure we got a little bit of hooking up on "The Real World" and you get a few exobitionist freaks on "Blind Date" and other shows like that, but it's all just a bit to PG-13 for my liking. Enter Playboy TV's show "Foursome" and I do mean enter:

On this show two men and two women get 24 hours together in a huge mansion. In addition to the ever present cache of booze, sex toys, and lube they are also given events to get them closer to critical mass. These range from a tantric sex class, a trip to the sex toy shop, a chocolate tasting (minus utensils) even to an in house strip club. Sufficed to say, they tend to have the result the produces are hoping for, as the clothes come off and the contestants pull a Noah's Ark and pair off in twos, although the promotional material for the show seams to indicate that larger groups are possible, including all four at once.


Seriously, this is full service television here. You see them get to know each other and then you see them know each other, in the biblical sense. It's dating: soup to nuts, but with actual nuts! You see everything people! Sure it's still a bunch of impossibly hot people fooling around in a hot tub, only now you get to see full frontal (of the men to, ladies). I think a Peabody is in order.

While this show has many gifts to give mankind, you can't underestimate it's profound sociological impact. This is born out in the fact that in the few episodes we've watched the guy that comes in talking about how he's "gonna close the deal" almost always ends up getting shafted, by which I mean: he doesn't end up getting to use his shaft. The less obnoxious guy is batting 1.000 on this show, and the same goes for the girls. The dumb club-girls seam to be the ones who end up wanting to sit on the edge of the bed and talk about feelings, while the "good girl" (how good can she really be when she's on this show, but I digress) is the one who normally ends up between a guy and a bed, shower wall, floor, etc.

This show, in and of itself, justifies the cost of cable/satellite TV. Hell, this show justifies the existence of cable and satellite! What's that? You don't want to order Playboy TV? Well, you can always buy the DVDs. I never stop giving...


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princess1128 said...

Priceless!!! Take that arrogrant DB's everywhere....