Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Few of My Favourite Things, Aussie Style

This picture contains just a few of the items that Inky and I love to have when we are in Australia. I've talked about some of them before, but this is my all encompassing omage to the best of down under eats and drinks. I first mentioned Tim Tams about a year ago, but this time we were able to encounter the worlds greatest cookie in their natural habitat. All told we bought and ate 5 packs in the three weeks we were in Oz. We would have a few after dinner in our hotel room, and then have one or two with our morning tea. On our last day in Sydney we laid in supplies for the trip home, and I carried a half dozen packs back to the States in my backpack.

As long as we are talking about chocolate covered confection perfection, I might as well mention the Picnic bar next. My brother informed me that he tried a Picnic bar in Ireland, but I have discovered that the Aussie Picnic is different from it's UK cousin in one major way: no raisins. I see no reason to ever run a good candy bar with raisins, and apparently the Aussies agree with me. I like to think of the down under Picnic as a Baby Ruth with an added wafer base. Like the Baby Ruth, it looks like a turd, prompting the slogan: "taste buds can't see." I also brought a few of these home, customs was a funny experience.

On our first flight to Oz back in '05 we were informed that Schweppes Lemonade is the number one Australian lemon/lime soda. At first we couldn't figure out just what made it, and all the other soda we had so damn good, but then it was pointed out to us that they don't use high fructose corn syrup in Oz, so they all contain real sugar. We drank quite a bit of the stuff on this trip, but there is a trade off. At home we can get as much Sprite or 7UP as we want on the cheep. But in Oz, with no free refills and expensive prices in markets you REALLY have to want to pay two bucks for a 16 Ounce bottle.

The bottles in the picture that have the green labels are VB or Victoria Bitter, arguably the Aussieist of all Aussie beers. This particular type of bottle is known as a stubby, who's shorter neck allows for easier chugging. Inky put the these bottles down pretty quickly on our last night in Sydney, but the chugging was minimal.

These are just a few of the myriad of things we loved in Australia, in addition to the meat pie, ricotta pancakes and kebab. Who knows what we'll discover the next time we go?


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