Thursday, May 08, 2008

Why lug your luggage?

Inky and I are just a few sleeps away from leaving for our second trip to Australia. I'd like to say that we're making last second preparations, but, most of what we need to do before we leave has been done for some time. We did a practice run on our packing about a month ago, when we were trying to settle the one thing we weren't decided on yet: How much do we take with us?

On our last trip, which was a week shorter, we took two full size suitcases, two carry on suitcases and we each had a "personal item." That was a lot of stuff to lug from place to place, and was only made bearable by the fact that we only stayed in three hotels the whole time. This time around I figure that we will stay in as many as 10 or 11 different places, meaning we had to cut down.

Plus, it's not like Inky or I are fashion plates or anything. We both tend to wear tee shirts and jeans to just about any non work function, so we decided to be bold. We are eschewing the big suitcase and only taking a carry on bag. The bag will contain everything we need for three weeks in Oz, and will double as a carry home device for the loot we acquire while there. I've got a second pair of pants, 6 shirts, 3 undershirts, 6 pair of socks, 6 pairs of drawers, a pair of shorts and a tank top. That's it, that's the list.

Not enough you say? We'll see. There may come a time on the trip when I don't feel like doing laundry, or when I struggle to get the still folded clean clothes to fit in the bag with the dirty ones, but I doubt it. I'm the guy who packed for a wedding on a cruise ship in a backpack. Plus, I love the one major benefit of going light on this trip: no checked bags. That means that we are free to split the airport the second we get off the plane.

I feel like a genius with this set up, but I could be wrong. Check back to TGWOOfY throughout the rest of may to see how it goes...



Jer said...

The one downside to your plan, is that international travel with no checked bags makes you look suspicious. Expect extra scrutiny. While in Sydney waiting for our return flight, I saw a guy getting grilled bigtime about what he was traveling for because he had no checked bags. They were like, "so, tell us AGAIN what you're doing here?"

The more aggravated the poor guy got, the more they grilled him. It made me wished I had a snuke so I could put us all out of our misery.

Jer said...

oh, also:

this wasn't in customs. This was at the boarding gate. Everyone was sitting in chairs and this woman with a clipboard came over and hasssled him for like 10 minutes. He kept telling the same story, and they kept asking to hear it again.

Greazy Tony said...

This doesn’t bode well for a guy with a slightly darker than average complexion. I think I’ll take my chances, I do have a return flight after all.