Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Snakes, Spiders, Crocs, Sharks and.....

Now that we've left the outback, I'll admit it, I was on edge out there. Every time a fly landed on leg I checked to be sure that it wasn't a spider. Every time I saw a stick laying in the scrub brush, I looked twice to be sure it wasn't a snake. Now that we're back in Sydney and we're headed back to the beach, I'll be on the lookout for fins cutting through crystal blue water.

This is a dangerous country, to be sure. I think the constant specter of death keeps the Aussies on their toes, which in turn makes them more vibrant. Most Aussies you meet really seem to embrace every moment of life. They are very passionate about their work, play, food, sport and adventure seeking. And I guess it makes sense too. If you lived on an island that contained all of the most deadly snakes and spiders you'd probably seize the day too. The best we can conjure back at home is black bears, rattle snakes and disaffected suburban kids with their dad's guns.

Inky and I are setting out into Sydney today, but we only have a small amount of time left in the Lucky Country. So I'm going to try to enjoy every second of it, as if these spiders were following me around:

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