Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Setting Sun

It's 7:30 AM on Wednesday the 28th here at Uluru. For some odd reason, it is already 8:00 AM in Sydney, Melbourne and the rest of the Aussie east coast. Who's ever heard of a half hour time zone? It is 6 in the afternoon, Tuesday the 27th back home, which is where I'll be in a few days. First, I have to turn 32 in Sydney, Los Angles and Philadelphia, but once that's done it's back to work and everyday life.

All these things were bumping through my head last night as Inky and I stood on top of a dune in the outback watching the sun go down over the blanket of red sand. Everything heavenly is magnified in the desert; the stars are brighter at night, the sunrise is more grandiose and the sunset comes with more blaze and brilliance. I also think that the lack of human development allows for a more natural brain function, and it was amid all these criteria that I began to ponder what my life will be like when I got home. As the orb slipped from view, and the sky blazed red, purple and orange, I realized that I don't have a whole lot of time left in this world when measured against eternal totems like Uluru.

I need to get busy living on my own terms, which is an easy impulse to have when you haven't punched a time clock for three weeks and have been living in vacation mode. I don't understand how it is we are supposed to balance the requirements of life with the things we actually enjoy, but I swear that I'm going to do more to find out. I know that my one constant, my rock if you will, is always with me and without her I'd be lost. So, when we get home, I'm going to do everything in my power to be sure that Inky and I live the life we want, and not just the one we're expected to.



XL said...

Sounds like you've had some time to clean out the old noggin while you've been away. Good for you, when you find that answer please share it with me!

Sorry I missed your call, I was really pissed when I heard your voice on my voice mail. It's kind of weird how when you're used to talking to someone on a regular basis and all of a sudden they are gone for 3 weeks.....If you call again I promise to answer no matter how weird the number!

Greazy Tony said...

I thought you might not pick up if you did recognize the number. It is strange to go this long with out talking to you, and I'll try to drop you a line soon.