Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On King Street, I'm a King

So Inky and I rolled out of bed pretty early this morning and made our way to Newtown train Station. We went to bed thinking we'd either go to Manly or up to the Blue Mountains, but we changed our minds on both accounts and decided to plop ourselves down in the heart of Sydney. We got an absolute steal on a one bedroom apartment for the next two nights, and so we are staying on Kent St, just south of Market.

After enjoying the amenities at our new digs for a bit, we walked down Pitt St. towards the harbour. We've seen the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House before, but we couldn't resist the chance to spend more time taking them in. We walked all through the Royal Botanical Gardens, stopping from time to time to lay on the grass and enjoy the fact that we're in Sydney. I was completely grossed out by the Flying Fox (nobody said anything about a BAT) but I couldn't stop taking photos of them. (The Photo you see here is a tree filled with flying foxes)

After a bit more exploration of the city, including another trip to The Rocks, we headed back to our temporary flat to take a break before dinner. We renewed a Greazy and Inky in Sydney tradition by going to Darling Pizzeria in Darling Harbour for take away. I got the Pizza while Inky went and got the Crisps and Lemonade (It's Australian for Sprite Mate). We sat by the water and watched a bird pimp chase all the other birds away from his crumbs as we ate our little meal.

After we got our grub on, we walked down to the end of Darling Harbour to see the now shuttered building that housed the 7 douche bags from the Real World Sydney. I think it absolutely sucks that those mental midgets got to live in such a cool place, but I digress.

We still have a bit of night left, and we haven't yet decided what to do with it. Then, tomorrow we get to start all over again. We have a meet up scheduled in Manly and we're both excited to meet a few Aussies.


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