Friday, May 02, 2008

Let's Hear it for the Boys

So Inky and I are on the verge of leaving for Oz, but we have one hurdle to clear before then. This weekend is our 10 year college reunion, and all my boys are in town. Last night we played Tiger Woods golf for a few hours after dinner, and then three of us went out for what passes for a night on the town in York. After hitting three bars we called it a night around 3 in the mo'nin. Today we had lunch, threw the football around and some of them have gone to play golf while I await XL's arrival.

Poker, the reunion and a baseball game lay before us, and through it all I will once again relish feeling like I'm 20 again. When we are all around each other the sophomoric humor is rampant and anyone who sees us couldn't possibly think that we met in college, let alone could spell it. When we're all together we have a tendency to make a lot of dick and fart jokes, which somehow seemed more acceptable at 21 as compared to 31. They make us laugh, however, and if laughter is the best medicine, we're doing ourselves well. I like to think that it keeps me young, but in the end what it does do is give me a bit of a taste of what my youth felt like. I can't keep these hours, and do these things night in and night out like when I was 20, but it sure is refreshing to do once a month or so.


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