Monday, May 19, 2008

Island Hopping of a Different Kind

After our relaxing weekend in Tassie, Inky and I headed for the Launceston airport for our trip from the little island to the big island. Air travel in Australia is a bit of fresh air for an American. At Sydney we made it from the steps of the train to the door of the plane (through check-in and security) in 10 minutes. Launceston was just as fast, since it is a 4 gate airport. The real trip was being able to walk from the gate to the plane on the tarmac, and then mount the stairs to enter the plane.

After our 55 minute flight from Tassie we touched down at Melbourne's airport. That's when the fun really started! We got our rental car and headed toward the Great Ocean road. This was my second time driving on the English side of the road, but it doesn't get any easier. Luckily, I didn't have to do too much driving in a city setting, which causes most of the problems when getting used to the other side of both the road and car. Instead, we headed down the 43 to the M81 and then onto the M1. We passed through Geelong (home of the Cats) and stopped and had a spot of lunch at Hungry Jacks.

Driving the Ocean Road is both very taxing to a US driver and totally worth any hassle. The views are amazing, but the road is treacherous to say the least. Think: BMW add where the car rips through cliff side hairpin turns. Then replace the BMW with a Hundai and the ripping with slowly negotiating, and you have our trip along the GOR.

The end result was amazing, however, when we arrived at the 12 Apostles. The Apostles are large chunks of rock that stood pat when the rest of the cliff face erroded away eons ago. We got to the viewing sight at nearly 4:00 and had the pleasure of watching as the clouds rolled by and danceed with the sun in the background, all while the Apostles stood stoically in the foreground. It was truley breathtaking! We are spending the night in a sleepy holiday town called Warrnambool, tonight and, Tomorrow we set out for Geelong, via a stop at the Cape Otway Treetop walk.



XL said...

I realize this comment has nothing to do with your post but I was told by the resident Aussie at my new place of employment that you should bring me home a Tim Tam. I'm sure you know what they are but in case you don't she said it is a kind of cookie that is amazing.
Also, check your work e-mail when you can as there is a funny story in it for you.

Greazy Tony said...

Inky and I love us some Tim Tams. They are amazing cookies and we've already had our way with 4 packs in the 10 days we've been here. If I can bring some home, I will.