Thursday, May 15, 2008

Down Unda Food Review: Harry's Cafe de Wheels

Inky and I covered a staggering amount of the city of Sydney today, from the City Center to Bondi beach with stops at Hyde Park, Kings Cross and Woolloomooloo along the way. (More on Bondi and the Cross tomorrow.) All told we must have walked 10 miles so I didn't trouble me when we shoved a few pies into our mouths next to Woolloomooloo Wharf.

Harry's has been a Sydney institution for over 60 years, and after eating one, I know why. The pie contains chunks of beef in a rich sauce. That is topped off with a big scoop of mashed potatoes and then a smaller scoop of mashed peas. It is all topped off with some more brown gravy and then handed to you, stabbed with a fork and ready to consume.

Inky and I both wolfed our way through the first one, taking time to break through the roof of the pie, and mix the peas and mashed with the pie contents. I made the mistake of trying to eat the pie by hand, only to be scorched by the pie's payload. Fork in hand, I then dived into my second pie.

The food isn't the only attraction at Harry's, the lay out is great too. The little cart they are sold out of is coated in pictures of famous people who have eaten there before. Once you get your pie you sit on a stone wall facing a navy yard on one side, and a pier of some of the most expensive apartments in the world on the other. (Rusty Crow lives there!) Some how, eating a meat pie astride the richest of the rich and the navy makes all the sense in the world.

Inky and I made sure to buy a pie for all our brothers who couldn't be here today (read: XL) however, rather then spill some of it out on the curb, we just ate it. If you ever make it to Sydney, run, don't walk to Harry's! Tell 'em Greazy sent ya! It won't help you any, but tell them all the same.



XL said...

I still want to see pictures of you eating one at the footy game!!

Greazy Tony said...

Ok fine! If I must than I must. We'll get one for you there too.