Sunday, April 20, 2008

Three Weeks!

Every day the reality that Inky and I are going to Australia gets more and more palpable. Whether it be a bill we are paying now, that we have to remember to pay before we leave, because at this time in May we'll be in Tasmania. Or, the fact that we are starting to make plans to meet up with people during our stay, we know the trip is upon us.

Three weeks goes by quickly enough in the course of normal life, but I also have a bunch of other things going on in the next three weeks. I'm taking a few small trips for work, I may be rendezvousing with my Mom and younger brother in DC, and I have my 10 year college reunion to attend with a large gaggle of my college buddies. I'm swamped.

This is where being me comes in handy. I already know every piece of clothing that I'm taking with me on the trip. I have an actual checklist of items that we need to take, and I have a file folder filled with all the requisite paperwork. The cars are rented and all possible routs via road, train and boat have been thought through. The only thing we don't have is hotel/hostel reservations, because we want to be able to make changes to where we are staying if something comes up.

Hell, we even have some of our entertainment set up. The first night that we're in Sydney, we are going to the world famous Enmore Theatre to see Rove McManus's stand up act. Then, after a quick jaunt to the Blue Mountains on Wednesday, we're meeting up with a few folks for dinner, drinks and digital music exchange on Thursday. It's all coming together, and it'll be here before you know it!

There is an outside chance that I may get on the plane to come home, but, I can't promise anything.


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