Sunday, April 13, 2008

One Month Until Oz

Waking up today, I realized that I can finally say "this time next month Inky and I will be in Australia." God, it feels so good just to type that. We take off 28 days from today, and while we depart on May 11th, we land on May 13th. So any way you cut it, it's just a month away.

We did a lot of great stuff on our last trip down under, but we still have a ton of new things to try. We're going to get to see our first live Aussie Rules Match. We're going to have a meat pie. We're going to see Uluru, and we're going to go to Tasmania. While I am terribly excited about all the new things we are going to do, I am almost more excited by the things we're going to do again. I like the idea of starting a tradition or falling into a habit in a city that is 20 hours away by plane. My mom and dad traveled all over the world, but they went to Wales a number of times. It was their favorite place to go, and luckily for them it was a bit more accessible than Oz.

For Inky and I, we are looking forward to going back to Oz even more than we were the first time. I love the idea that we can go and grab a pizza and a few cans of Schweppes Lemonade from that little place on Union St and sit by the side of Darling Harbour while we eat. That will become a tradition every time we are in Sydney, which by my birthday will be three times.

We'll add this to the little traditions we have when we are in various towns. For example, when it Las Vegas, you can be sure Inky and I are going to have breakfast at Blueberry Hill at least once. Or, when in Eaglesmere PA, we will steer clear of Chef Toby once dinner is over and he gets to drinkin'. And, who knows what new traditions we will establish in Sydney, Katoomba, Launceston, Geelong, Torquay, Lavers Hill, Warrnambool or Yulara? I'll let you know in two months when we get back.


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