Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I hate to bitch (editor's note: by hate to, what I mean to say is "love to") but if the unchecked laziness of people these days continues, we should just give the keys to the country to China. I have blogged before about my loathsome hate of people who use the handicapped button, rather than pulling the door open themselves, but I think what I am about to talk about is even worse. First, let me pose a situation, and ask how you would react:

You are walking toward a set of double doors, and someone has just come out of the building you are going into, thus, leaving the door on your left ajar. Do you: A) Just open the door on your right (swap directions if in Australia, or any other British Realm) and walk through? Or do you: B) Walk through the open door on the left, causing the other people exiting to have to do the "are you going left or right" dance with you on the other side of the threshold?

If you answered B, go get a knife and stab it into your own eye.

We live in a society of right of way, and just like you wouldn't drive into on coming traffic to get around a red light, you shouldn't walk in other people's path to avoid opening a door. I can't stress enough how much of a douche nozzle this makes you.


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