Monday, April 28, 2008

It's Australian for approved casual sex

Inky and I have both posted our lists of the top 5 famous people that we're allowed to cheat on one another with. Since we are just 13 days away from leaving for Australia, we both thought we should update our list with a few Aussies, to improve the odds. Here are my five chosen Aussies:

5) Oriel Morrison - She is a reporter on Chanel 9 down under, but I get to see her every Friday on MSNBC's "Australia This Week" recapping the financial goings on in the lucky land. She comes across as very straight laced, almost nerdy, but I think she's very pretty, not to mention very smart.
4) Melanie Adams - I'm going to skip all the obvious "pole vaulter" j0kes here, and just say that Ms. Adams is at #4 on my list. She should definitely be in Oz while we're there so that is an added bonus as well.
3) Yvonne Strahovski - Before she was a hit as the hot spy on NBC's Chuck, Yvonne was a small time Aussie actress. Since the networks aren't shooting right now, I would guess that she might take the time to get out of Hollywood and go back home. That, plus her undeniable hotness place her at #3.
2) Lauren Jackson - LJ has had a few turns on my overall list, so she had to be on the Aussie specific list. Word is that she wont be playing for Seattle in the WNBA this year so she can get ready to take on the US in the Olympics this summer.
1) Abby Cornish - This is a bit of a long shot, since conventional wisdom would say that Cornish is a LA resident these days. But, she is so amazingly beautiful that I couldn't pass up the chance to put her on the list.

Two Athletes, Two Actors and a News Presenter, not a bad list. Even I was astonished when I came up with a list of all blondes, but you have to go with the best picks available. Inky will almost certainly have a few footballers on her list, but who can blame her?


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